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Phosphorus Pentoxide

Phosphorus Pentoxide
P2O5,% 99
Charity test = 合格
Water insoluble,% 0.02
N,% 0.01
Pb,% 0.0005
Fe,% 0.0005

pack:  In iron drum, PP bag lined with plastic bag, jumbo bag or according to customer requirements.

use:  Used as desiccant of gas and liquid, dehydrant in organic synthesis, antistatic agent of polyester resin, medicine and refining agent of sugar; used as the parent material of producing highly purified phosphoric acid, phosphate, phosphide and organic phosphate; use for producing phosphorus pentoxide sol and mainly H type aerosol; use for producing optical glass, U.V.high transmittance optical glass, heat-protecting glass, glass ceramics and emulsion opal glass etc., as to improve the dispersion coefficient of glass and to empower the ability of penetrating by ultraviolet ray; also can be used as condensation agent in organic synthesis and surface active agent and so on.

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