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Advantage & Innovation



Close to theresourceful areas of phosphate rock such as Yunnan, Guizhou and   Sichuan; facing the convenient access to thesea in the greater   southwestern area inGuangxi; located in the export base for phosphorus-base products and the onlypassage for export of phosphorus   resourcein China.


Self research anddevelop innovative products; self R&D and innovative techniques for   polyphosphoric acid and phosphoruspentoxide; complet and reliable testing methods; ICP, CIQ, CCIC analysisoffered.


Production capacity: 150,000mt phosphoric acid annually.

Storage capacity: 5,000mt phosphoric acid tanks and 20,000mt yellow phosphorus tanks.

Cost: simple technical process, heat recovery, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Technology: high quality phosphoric acid by thermal process.


Our production base in Fangcheng is only 11 kilometers away from the port;The distribution of Linphos Chemical in Savannah is only 17 miles away from the Savannah port.The distribution of LinphosChemical in Houston is only 20

miles away from the Houston port.The distribution of Linphos Chemical in Los Angeles is only 6 miles away from

the port of Long Beach.

Polyphosphoric acid of high concentration with innovative technology resulting in low cost for long-distance transport.


We can make products with various specifications and application to meet every customer's demand.

Talent advantage

There are more than two hundred people in our group, and they are good at practicing, including 3 m aster candidates of MBA,42 people above bachelor degree, 3 for senior title personnel, 8 for intermediate title , professional involving chemical,international trade, finance, computer information management, industrial and commercial administrative management,design,construction English, electrical engineering, legal, advertising, logistics management etc.

The average age is 34 years old in our group, we are  in a good state, and we are  a young, vibrant, energetic team.

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