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Sino-Linchem International , Inc.


Sino-Linchem International, Inc. was established in September,2009. Its main business is the manufacture, research and develop and sales ofpolyphosphoric acid, food addictive phosphoric acid and phosphates. Theindustry it belongs to is fine chemicals under the phosphorus chemicalindustry. The main products are polyphosphoric acid, phosphorus pentoxide,polyphosphates. The production capacity of polyphosphoric acid reaches as highas 100,000 metric tons per year. The company has a large capacity and exportvolume which makes it a leading enterprise in the industry of polyphosphoricacid. The annual capacity of phosphorus pentoxide is 40,000 metric tons whichis ranking first. The annual capacity of polyphosphates is 150,000 metric tons.The application areas of polyphosphoric acid have involved sugar refining,agriculture, light industry, petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceutical, food,national defense, advanced science, etc. It can be applied in the making ofcondensation catalyst for petrochemistry, retardant, dehydrant, resin (made outof heat resistant polymer), modified asphalts, metal surface polishing agent,analytical reagent, pharmaceutical products and it can be used as raw materialfor liquid fertilizer in the modern agriculture.

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