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Sino-Linchem Biotechnology Co., Ltd

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Sino-Linchem Biotechnology Co., Ltd, is a subsidiary of Sino-LinchemInternational, Inc., It's a modern agricultural high-tech enterprise withacollection of liquid fertilizer production, scientific research,agriculturaltechnology popularization and application. The headquarter of thecompany islocated in Nanning, manufacturing enterprise is located inFangchenggang, thelargest port city of southwestern in China.Sino-LinchemBiotechnology Co., Ltdhas introduced advanced fertilizer production technologyfrom US to produce a new type of liquid fertilizer with environmental andefficient production.Focusing on improving the traditional pattern ofagricultural fertilizer inChina, the natural, quality and utilization offertilizer .Sino-LinchemBiotechnology Co., Ltdtake the improving of the soiland the increasing of cropoutput and quality as own duty, Providing highquality fertilizer for the market. The Company sets multiple departments, includingEngineering Center, Marketing Center and Operating Center, etc.

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