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Historic Review

  • 1999-07 July 1999, Qinzhou Mingxin Phos-Chemical Co., Ltd, Sino-Linchem’s predecessor, was founded.

    In 1999, Mr Lin Ming, chairman of SLC, established the first coastal chemical enterprise, Qinzhou Mingxin Phos-Chemical Co., Ltd, in the port city of Qinzhou. He invited investment, through enterprise as media, from a state-owned business called Guizhou Qianneng Tianhe Group to form Qinzhou Qianneng Tianhe Co., Ltd. He also founded Guangxi Mingli Phos-Chemical Co., Ltd, Guangxi Mingzhou Phosphates Co., Ltd and Qinzhou Huapu Food Additives Co., Ltd.

  • 2001 2001, Qinzhou Mingxin Phos-Chemical took part in formulating the National Standard for phosphoric acid.

    Run by theory and practice over years, production output and export volume of food grade phosphoric from Qinzhou Mingxin Phos-Chemical Co., Ltd increased substantially. The export volume was among national top. Therefore, the company was recommended by the International Formulation Committee for Phosphoric Acid and China Association for Inorganic Salt to attend the National Standard Formulation Conference for Phosphoric Acid in Dalian in 2002.

  • 2001-01 January 2007, Sino-Linchem Co., Ltd was established.

    In January 2007, Mr Lin Ming combined and integrated all resources from various sources to establish Sino-Linchem Co., Ltd, a company with investment, trade and research and development.

  • 2007-07 July 2007, Guangxi Association for Phos-Chemical Industry.

    Under the circumstance that Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Area was brought into the national economic development strategy, Sino-Linchem Group, with the support of the relevant governmental departments, took the lead to form the Guangxi Association for Phos-Chemical Industry and became the chairman unit.

  • 2007 2007, phosphorus industrial park in Gongche Town, Fangchenggang.

    With the support of local government, Sino-Linchem Group laid a plan and constructed a phosphorus industrial park with an area of 2000 mu (330 acres) in the town of Gongche, Fangchenggang when it led the Association and other companies to develop and grow. There are now over 30 companies in this park and it basically reaches the prototype of scale economy.

  • 2007-09 September 2007, the establishment of Fangchenggang Linchem Co., Ltd
  • 2009-04 April 2009, launching of the phosphorus industrial park of Gangkou District, Fangchenggang led by Sino-Linchem Group.

    With scientific research, production and sales as a whole to be a green base for phosphorus industrial chain, the Phosphorus Industrial Park was led to launch by Guangxi Association for Phos-Chemical Industry. It covers an area of 860 mu (142 acres) to develop 6 delicate phosphorus projects with a total investment of over one billion Chinese yuan, an annual output value of 3.5 billion Chinese yuan and an annual profit and tax of 0.6 billion Chinese yuan. The production of phosphates was one of the projects. The realization of this project would perfect the product structure and broaden the phosphorus market for the company to better satisfy the customers and strengthen its competitiveness.

  • 2009-09 September 2009, Sino-Linchem International Co., Ltd, one of SLC’s subsidiaries, was established.
  • 2010-08 August 2010, Sino-Linchem Group was registered to establish.
  • 2010-12 December 2010, Guangxi Research Center for Phosphoric Chemical Engineering and Technology was launched.
  • 2013-03 March 2013, Sino-Linchem Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd, one of SLC’s subsidiaries, was established.
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