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Corporate Dynamics

The Young Diplomats of Guinea Visited Sino-Linchem Co., Ltd

From : Sino-Linchem Group       Date : 2017-11-10   Hits :  

Confucius said:”It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. ”

After the successful reception of the members of Studien Seminar of Diplomatsand Protocol Officers of Chad on Sep, 2017, Sino-Linchem Co., Ltd warmly welcomedthe young diplomats of Guinea on Nov. 6. Ms. Lin, President and Ms. Wu, DeputyManager of Oversea Department of Sino-Linchem Co., Ltd. and Ms. Wang, VicePresident of Sino-Linchem International, Inc. attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Ms. Lin gave a welcome speech and a representative of the Diplomatsalso gave a speech and introduction on Guinea. And then Ms. Wu made apresentation on the company and the foreign trade status of the company. Shealso mentioned the history of the friendship between China and Africa and thecooperation prospect of the company in Africa.

Africa is abundant in natural and human resources, especially in the landresources. It is rapidly developing in the industrial modernization,agricultural modernization and trade development and in the rise ofinfrastructure investment stage.This is a good opportunity for a company committed to the modern industrialproducts and modern agricultural products manufactured. The company willfurther discuss with African countries to establish a good trade, processingand promote cooperation in agricultural modernization, to promote agriculturalproduction enterprises settled in Guinea. We have accepted the invitation fromthe Presidential Palace in Guinea to visit guinea and other African countriesto explore new era of China-Africa cooperation. We will adhere to the spirit ofequality, friendship, cooperation and win-win and common development to work togetherwith African countries and make due contribution as an enterprise to the OneBelt, One Road Initiative of China and the development of both China and Africa.

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