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Corporate Dynamics

New Product Potassium Phosphate

From : Sino-Linchem Group       Date : 2018-01-05   Hits :  

The company insists the spirit of “endlessinnovation” and specializes in manufacture and R&D to provide our customerswith better products. The company successfully researched and developed aseries of water soluble fertilizers. One of the main precuts is potassiumphosphate.


The molecular formula of potassium phosphite is K2HPO3.It’s a new fertilizer of high content of phosphorus and potassium. Thephosphorus of potassium phosphite is a 3+ phosphorus ion, which hasthe characteristic of endoscopicity and it can induce the crops to send thedisease signal, produce disease-resistant material and improve the immunityability of the crops.

1. Pharmacodynamic Mechanism of Potassium Phosphite

1.1. 3+ phosphorus ions in potassiumphosphite are able to move up and down in the phloem of the crops. In theprocess of transmission, 3+ phosphorus ions have significantinhibitory effect on activities of fungi and bacteria which makes it the firstchoice for production of green pollution-free agricultural products;

1.2. Potassium phosphite can induce the crop toemit an anti-disease signal and transmit to other unattacked cells to activatethe defense system;

1.3. Potassium phosphite can induce cells toproduce lignin, increase the thickness of the cell wall and improve the abilityof disease resistance.

2. Fertilizer Efficiency of Potassium Phosphite

2.1.High content of potassium phosphite: phosphoruscontent550 g/L, potassium content280 g/L. It is a 100% water soluble fertilizer ofhigh content of phosphorus and potassium. It can meet the needs of crops onphosphorus and potassium and has significant effect on controlling shoots,strengthening tip, promoting flower and bud differentiation, swelling fruit,promoting maturity, increasing yield and improving quality; Applying togetherwith nitrogen elements it can satisfy the demand of crop for macro elements.

2.2.The potassium phosphite produced by our companycan be added with many kinds of medium and micro elements necessary to cropsand reduce the symptoms of deficiency in crops, such as yellowing,malformation, lobules, falling flowers, and cracking fruits.


As spring comes, the new crop cycle begins. Whenthe weather in spring is getting warmer, it’s time to fertilize the crops thatdid not apply to the base fertilizer in autumn and winter.

In the spring, as the temperature graduallyincrease, the pests and diseases hibernated in winter also begin to reactivate.At this time, prevention and control of pests and diseases is the key to pestcontrol. Potassium phosphate can enhance the disease resistance of crops andgreatly improve the prevention effect of fungus, bacterial disease and so on.

Potassium phosphate can supply phosphorus,potassium and various of medium and micro elements. It can also prevent andcure various of funguses and bacterias, reduce the use of pesticides. In theshort term it can reduce the cost on pesticides and have a great harvest thisyear; in thelong term, it can maintain ecological balance, protect globalecosystem and achieve agricultural modernization and sustainable development.And this is the prospect every farmer and modern agribusiness is pursuing.

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