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Corporate Dynamics

Government Officers of Lingyun County visited the Company

From : Sino-Linchem Group       Date : 2018-01-09   Hits :  

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Recently the government of Lingyun County organized a visit to FangchengPort to study advanced experience of investment and financing. As atechnological company listed in the "new three board" (stock code: 835248)and the leading company in the polyphosphoric acid industry in Fangcheng Portand the country, Sino-Linchem International Co., Ltd has the honor to welcomeofficers of Lingyun County to visit the company. Ms. Lin, vice president and Mr.Yin, Director of the R&D Dept. of Sino-Linchem International Co., Ltdattended the reception on Jan 6, 2018.

In the reception, attending personnel of both side are introduced first,then Ms. Lin, the vice President delivered a welcome speech, Mr. Yin, the Directormade a presentation of the company, introduced the company's main products: a seriesof high quality water soluble fertilizer used water-soluble ammonium polyphosphateas raw material. He then talked about the the significance of agriculturalammonium polyphosphate in mitigating the soil pollution and improving agriculturalfertilizer. Mr. Yin also introduced the service mode of soil testing and fertilizerformulation and another service mode of liquid fertilizer formulation station. Mr.Yin also presented an fertilizer application plant for tea garden and mulberrytree of Lingyun County.

Sino-Linchem International Co., Ltd is a leading company among the manufacturersof water-soluble ammonium polyphosphate, polyphosphoric acid and phosphoruspentaoxide. Sino-Linchem Biotechnology Co., Ltd, subsidiary of Sino-LinchemInternational, Inc. introduced advanced fertilizer production technology fromthe USA and produces a series of water soluble fertilizers with organicsubstances and macro elements, used water-soluble ammonium polyphosphate as rawmaterial. The company aims to improve the traditional pattern of fertilization,to carry out matching fertilizers after soil testing procedure, to optimize fertilizer’squality and property, to improve the use ratio and amend soil.

It’s been a great honor forus to welcome the government officers of Lingyun County. This visit not onlystrengthened the communication between the government and enterprise, deepenedthe understanding between the two sides, more importantly it provided a goodbeginning for further cooperation in chemical industry and agriculture. Ourcompany is looking forward to cooperation with Lingyun County in the nearfuture and making contribution to the development of modern agriculture and the"One Belt And One Road" of our country.

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